Who will need to apply?
Any applicants over the age of 18 years old must complete a separate online application in full. This is applied to each adult, financially responsible or not.

How does Reaction Realty choose which applicant becomes approved?
Applications are processed on a first come first served basis when complete documentation required is provided.

How much is the application and what does it include?
The application is $30 per person over the age of 18 years old. This includes an Application, Credit report, Criminal background check, and residential history check.

What is the Credit requirement?
A 600 or above. Sorry, no exceptions!

What is the Income requirement?
Applicant’s household combined gross income must be at least 2 ½-3 times the amount of rent. All income must be verifiable and documented.

Do you accept Evictions?
Unfortunately, no. We are not in the business to rehabilitate people with previous Evictions within the last seven years. This applies for all of our properties that we manage.

Do you accept Section 8?
Certain properties that we manage do accept Section 8. Usually, it will state if the home is Section 8 OK in the property description. Please inquire via 909.870.9046 on which property you are interested in and if it is currently accepting Section 8.

Do you accept Pets?
Each property has its own set of Pet policies. Please keep in mind that we do ask for Pet Deposits, and it ranges from $250-$500 per pet.

What do I need to attach to my Application?
-Most recent pay stubs (minimum of 1 month).
-3 months’ worth of Bank Statements- We need all the pages from your statement.
-2 Forms of Identification such as Current Driver’s License, Passport, or State/Federal/Military Photo ID.
Additional information or document may be requested to clarify certain information on your application.
If you have filled bankruptcy within the last seven years, we may require a copy of the bankruptcy documents.

Who approves my Application?
Reaction Realty reviews and gathers the information on the Application. Then, the Application packet is sent over to the Owner for approval or denial. Approval or denial is ultimately the Owner’s decision.

What is required when my Application is approved?
Holding Deposit due Immediately when approved. If your application is approved you will need to deliver a “Holding Deposit” (which goes towards your first months rent) by next business day no later than 5:00 PM or the home may be offered to another qualified applicant.