Since the moment we opened our doors for the first time over ten years ago, the number one goal of Reaction Realty has remained the same. We want to do whatever it takes to help both tenants and property owners at the same time, positively influencing the way EVERYONE thinks about real estate and doing whatever we can to help them get every bit as much out of it as they put in.

Our highly innovative business model has allowed us to become a provider of world-class services in the property management business. We’ve worked hard to integrate both the customer service and the management disciplines of property management at a local level, providing a much more intimate level of care and attention to detail than most people are familiar with. We always work hard to hire the very best professionals, not just helping our clients solve their initial goals but to keep building and strengthening the foundation upon which all other decisions are made.

Reaction Realty is also proud to work with both investors and first-time home buyers. In addition to our commitment to providing only the highest quality work, we are also designated as a small business minority enterprise by the Southern California Minority Business Development Council (SCMBD). Above all else, we strive to generate a profit, to grow at a challenging and manageable rate and to live up to all the ethical codes set forth by the California Bureau of Real Estate.